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Lets make German bureaucracy digital & easy – even for non German speaking people!”

Oliver Frankfurth - Amtio
Your contact: Oliver Frankfurth

Hello, my name is Oliver, and I am one of the initiators of  “Amtio Services”. 
If you are interested, I can tell you a little bit about the “why” and “how” we do things here. 

Short version 
Our goal is to be your assistant (in whatever way) in order to get your bureaucratic tasks done as conveniently as possible. To us, administrative matters and processes in Germany could be way more user-centric and we’d like to be reasonable example

Long version
Back in 2015 me and my team-mates were struggling to get an appointment at the Berliner Bürgeramt ourselves and could not believe how difficult to understand some administrative tasks were – even for us as native German speakers!

This is when we decided to launch this service company to create a “worry free” way of ticking the administrative tasks on our clients checklist.

Now in 2022 we have gone a step further and partnered with SympatMe. We are now working with joint forces to offer our customers a simple, smooth digital solution for the German bureaucracy. Together we improve German bureaucracy and support you individually, even if you are already abroad!

​We would like to show that digitization could be used more efficiently when it comes down to administrative matters. 

But, despite all advantages of digitization, we still believe in personal contact. This is why we are integrating a personal component (like a skype consulting) in some of our services to be more flexible and to get rid of as many worries as possible. 

Digitalize german bureaucracy

So, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we´ll see how we can help!

Your contact: Oliver
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