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Self-ServicePersonal AssistanceAll Inclusive
RequirementsGerman residential address
to receive mail and a printer
Online deregistration form in ENG
Cover letterPersonalizedPersonalizedPersonalised
PersonalizedIncludedPersonal assistancePersonal assistance
SupportTicket SystemStep-by-step guideTicket System
Confirmation letter serviceDigital scanOriginal document
Expert check of documents 
Digital signature
German postal address provided
Cancellation of your broadcast licence (GEZ)Step-by-Step GuideStep-by-Step GuideStep-by-Step Guide
Add-Ons (optional)
Past 90 Days Service (delayed deregistration)+29,90€+29,90€
GEZ Cancellation + Receive of confirmation (optional)
Price€ 22,49Now € 89.99
instead of € 119.90
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Now € 129.99
instead of € 199.90
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Which service we suggest?

This mainly depends on two factors. First, if you are still in Germany and/or if you can provide a German address to send and receive official letters. Second, how much time you´d like to spent, looking after everything in detail. 

Please keep in mind that we do our best to provide plausible and up to date information, BUT, we are not an official advisor (in terms of the Legal Services Act, RDG) on taxes, legal matters and such. Our service does not replace a individual consaltancy by a legal service.

Choose the Self Service Package…

If you are still in Germany, if you can provide a German address. We provide a detailed step by step guide in order to make your deregistration very easy.

Furthermore you will need a printer to print and sign the application.

Choose the Personal Assistant or All Inclusive Package…

If you can’t provide a German address in order to send and receive letters and would like to reduce your work and worries.

Furthermore, if you worry about putting everything together correctly, the Personal Assistant or All Inclusive package might be the best option for you.

You didn’t deregister within the legally required 14-days-period?

Well, most of our clients were not asked to pay a fine when deregistering too late.

But, unfortunately we can not promise that there won’t be any fine in your case. We only suggest, to not procrastinate any further, especially if you have made here already 😉

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Oliver Frankfurth - Amtio

About Amtio

Oliver is the owner of Amtio, a service provider in the field of bureaucratic tasks for non-German speakers. Since founding the company in 2015, Amtio supported people in various bureaucratic tasks ranging from deregistration of their residences to successfully claiming pension refunds. Even bureaucratic tasks in Germany can be convenient and joyful. 

We believe in an intelligent combination of digital tools, personal assistance, and individual consultation to make these tasks convenient and even joyful to complete. Every day we aim to design the most user-centric processes and be the most reasonable example for a new way of solving bureaucratic tasks. We have been part of SympatMe Expat Services since 2023. We can now offer even more services, digitally and online.

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The Story Behind Our Service


This video contains:

  • The story behind our service
  • A customer review​
  • Suggestions on how to get an appointment at the Bürgeramt, if you want/need to go yourself

The interview was contucted by Michael Schmitz.from SmarterGerman

Our Service Promise

​Feedback within 24 hours

​Feedback within 24 hours

Assistance in completing

Assistance in completing your documents

Schedule coordination

Schedule coordination and handover, how and where it suits you best

Review of documents

Review of documents on completeness and plausibility

24/7 reachability

24/7 reachability including weekends

Maximum discretion

Maximum discretion and customer orientation

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