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Cover letterPersonalisedPersonalisedPersonalised
Step by step guideIncludedPersonal assistancePersonal assistance
SupportEmailEmail & 24/7 WhatsAppEmail & 24/7 WhatsApp
Confirmation letter serviceDigital scanOriginal document
Skype support session15 mins25 mins
Expert check of documents 
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Cancellation of your broadcast licence (GEZ)Pre-filled formIncludedIncluded
Contract cancellation service (incl. 3 contracts of your choice)+89€ +89€
Fast track 48-hour deregistration+99€ (Berlin only)
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Which service we suggest?

This mainly depends on two factors. First, if you are still in Germany and/or if you can provide a German address to send and receive official letters. Second, how much time you´d like to spent, looking after everything in detail. 

Please keep in mind that we do our best to provide plausible and up to date information, BUT, we are not an official advisor (in terms of the Legal Services Act, RDG) on taxes, legal matters and such. Our service does not replace a individual consaltancy by a legal service.

Choose the Self Service Package…

We provide a detailed step by step guide in order to make your deregistration very easy. Just keep in mind that it is highly reccommended to provide a German address (like a friend’s place) to receive the deregistration confirmation. Furthermore you will need a printer to print and sign the application.

Choose the Personal Assistant or All Inclusive Package…

If you can’t provide a German address in order to send and receive letters and would like to save time and nerves.

Furthermore, if you worry about putting everything together correctly, the Personal Assistant or All Inclusive package might be the best option for you.

You didn’t deregister within the legally required 14-days-period?

Well, most of our clients were not asked to pay a fine when deregistering too late.

But, unfortunately we can not promise that there won’t be any fine in your case. We only suggest, to not procrastinate any further, especially if you have made here already 😉

Check Out Our Customers’ Reviews

Paige Rollison

Business Coach. See more here

Upon moving to a new country, dealing with German breucaucracy when I don’t know the system nor speak the language seemed daunting and stressful.

I was really happy to find this service and the guys handled the entire process for me. I’ve used this service twice already, and will continue to use it. I highly recommend

this service.

Person Man Portrait Ryan Murdock

Writer and Travel Philosopher. See more here

Your service is excellent, quick and easy. And I think the price is well worth it for busy people.

Time not spent sitting around at the Burgeramt is time I can spend

on my work.

Both, me and my wife, are

very satisfied.

Mattia S.
Mattia S.
11:01 17 Dec 20
Martina S.
Martina S.
11:52 09 Dec 20
Professional, fast, reliable, friendly.Really recommend it 🙂
Joe G.
Joe G.
13:12 04 Dec 20
Amazing service, everything went very smoothly and it was hassle free. Very much recommended to anyone moving to or from Germany that would rather not deal with the bureaucracy themselves!
Maria U.
Maria U.
23:26 27 Nov 20
Incredible, fast and professional service! Was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and understand of my situation. Karolin was extremely helpful and cooperative. Highly recommend this agency!
Chris S.
Chris S.
10:47 14 Oct 20
Recently Jorn helped me complete my registration in Germany.Jorn was VERY professional and highly knowable in the entire process. Jorn speaks perfect English.I would highly recommend Jorn to represent you.Thank you Jorn.
13:11 07 Sep 20
I used the Abmeldung (de-registration) service and it was so simple and straightforward, not to mention the incredibly speedy, friendly and professional service! Jörn helped me with any corrections and questions that I had. I highly recommend this service to any expats, makes your transition into or out of Germany a breeze. Also, I was de-registering from Cologne so this service can be used for anywhere in Germany, not just Berlin!
Camilla P.
Camilla P.
06:56 02 Jul 20
Great and agile service! They found an appointment for me in just a few days. Highly recommended!
K H.
K H.
10:51 17 Jun 20
Very professional. Knowledgeable, excellent communication, responsive and punctual. We are repeat customers. Reasonable price for highly valuable service. Thank you!
Mihaela M.
Mihaela M.
18:09 08 Jun 20
Great service: the website was easy to use and super helpful in explaining what's going on when deregistering. You fill in a few easy questions on the website and then all your documents are automatically filled out for you correctly, with the details you've given. Super speedy, very clear and straightforward. Whenever I had any additional questions, the guys were helpful and fast with their replies. Highly recommend 🙂
Omar E.
Omar E.
15:54 29 May 20
Really good communication from the first moment. Was able to help us during the covid measures and find us a quick appointment. Gave advice for other questions regarding German burocracy. Totally recommended.
Almog A.
Almog A.
11:38 04 May 20
Very friendly and helpful customer support. I can definitely recommend it
James H.
James H.
15:58 28 Oct 18
Fantastic service. Quick & easy. Will use again!
Gautam K.
Gautam K.
08:20 15 Oct 18
Professional, efficient service- David was very quick to pick the documents and return them again, all at a good price- thanks!
Denise D.
Denise D.
19:37 07 Aug 18
This is a great, convenient service for me (a person in a hurry and with limited patience to deal with bureaucracy)
Byron F.
Byron F.
10:37 23 Jul 18
After some of the stories I heard about registering in Berlin I decided to reach out to this service and they did not disappoint me...Working with David was quick and painless...
Bree-Anna D.
Bree-Anna D.
14:16 23 Jun 18
This service is so convenient and easy for those needing residence registration. I got my paper 2 days later with no stress or hassle. Joern was friendly, professional, helpful and great to talk. Highly recommend this service. Thanks again!
Tis M.
Tis M.
10:55 07 Jun 18
Great place, great guys. Very professional and friendly. They picked up my documents and brought me back my completed registration 3 days later. I'd use them again for sure.
F S.
F S.
22:40 05 Jun 18
It was a pleasure to do business with" buergeramt-termine.de", I spend more than 3 weeks just trying to get an appointment for the ANMELDUNG , but I was not able to get even appointment , Jörn and his team was able to fill the documents and register me and my family just in one day, they are very flexible in matter of meeting's and collecting documents, I highly recommend there services for all the new comers in Berlin, especially someone who has no enough time to go to register by him self.Glad to do business with you guysFadi
Nilesh S
Nilesh S
15:54 27 Sep 17
This guy is amazing!
Michi A.
Michi A.
11:36 03 Jun 17
Da ich kein Freund von Ämtern bin, war ich sehr froh den Service verwendet zu haben. Ich war rundum zufrieden und kann es empfehlen. MFG M. Adler
Connal M.
Connal M.
19:32 23 May 17
Jörn and his team provide a fantastic service. They patiently answered question after question as I built up to my move to Berlin. And once I had moved, they took care of the whole registration / 'Anmeldung' process for me in < 24 hours. I highly recommend to anyone who doesn't want the hassle of dealing with the administration to get registered (or who has neither the German language skills nor the time). Great service and great guys!
Merlin H.
Merlin H.
13:52 28 Apr 17
Super Service. Nettes Personal. Hat alles unkompliziert geklappt.
Markku L.
Markku L.
10:16 31 Mar 17
Excellent service and fast, super convenient!
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About Us

Hello, my name is Jörn and I am one of the initiators of  “Amtio Services”. 
If you are interested, I can tell you a little bit about the “why” and “how” we do things here. 

Short version:

Our goal is to be your assistant (in whatever way) in order to get your bureaucratic tasks done as conveniently as possible. 

To us, administrative matters and processes in Germany could be way more user-centric and we’d like to be reasonable example

Your contact: Jörn Kamphuis

Your contact:
Jörn Kamphuis

Long version:

Back in 2015 me and my team-mates were struggling to get an appointment at the Berliner Bürgeramt ourselves and could not believe how difficult to understand some administrative tasks were – even for us as native German speakers!

This is when we decided to launch this service company to create a “worry free” way of ticking the administrative tasks on our clients checklist.  (You might want to check out our “Story behind this service” video)

We would like to show that digitization could be used more efficiently when it comes down to administrative matters. 

But, despite all advantages of digitization, we still believe in personal contact. This is why we are integrating a personal component (like a skype consulting) in some of our services to be more flexible and to get rid of as many worries as possible. 

So, please do not  hesitate to get in touch and we´ll see how we can help!

The Story Behind Our Service


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This video contains:

– The story behind our service
– A customer review​

– Suggestions on how to get an appointment at the
   Bürgeramt, if you want/need to go yourself

The interview was contucted by Michael Schmitz.from SmarterGerman

Our Service Promise

​Feedback within 24 hours

​Feedback within 24 hours

Assistance in completing

Assistance in completing your documents

Schedule coordination

Schedule coordination and handover, how and where it suits you best

Review of documents

Review of documents on completeness and plausibility

24/7 reachability

24/7 reachability including weekends

Maximum discretion

Maximum discretion and customer orientation


Our mission is to help getting your bureaucratic tasks done as convenient as possible.

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