We help you claim your pension refund in Germany

Have you worked in Germany and moved abroad? Are you thinking of claiming your pension refund? Our team of pension experts is here to support you in reclaiming pension contributions paid.

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✔ Reliable refund amount calculation

✔ Personal assistance from our pension experts

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The average German pension refund is €3,017. We help you to receive your payout.

An expert guides you personally through the entire refund process

We are available at your convenience via email, phone or Whatsapp

We only charge our service fee after you successfully received your refund

Our Pension Refund Service at a glance

Our goal is to provide you with an easy, reliable and personal service to make your pension refund claim process as convenient as possible.

Step 1 – Schedule a free 20 min consultation session to assess your eligibility and estimate the refund amount.

Step 2 – We take over the application process for you.

Step 3 – You will receive your pension refund after three to four month.

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Our service fee

We believe that a trusted service provider only charges a service fee after he has successfully delivered the work.

Thus we only charge our service fee AFTER you have received your refund from “Deutsche Rentenversicherung”. 

The service fee is at 12,5% of the money refunded (incl. VAT).

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About the pension scheme in Germany

As part of the social security act, Germany has a mandatory state pension. Contributions into the German state pension are compulsory for all employees. This means that a certain percentage of your net salary (9,3%) is going towards the state pension. 

Hence, if you have worked in Germany for some time, there is a big possibility that you paid a lot of money into your pension without even knowing it.

If you moved away from Germany, you might be eligible to claim your pension contribution without waiting until you turn 65.

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About Amtio

Hi! I am Jörn and one of the founders of Amtio, a service provider in the field of bureaucratic tasks for non German speakers. Ever since founding the company in 2015, we supported people in various bureaucratic tasks ranging from deregistration their residence to successfully claiming pension refunds. Even bureaucratic tasks in Germany can be convenient and kind of joyful. 

We believe in a smart combination of digital tools, personal assistance and individual consultation to make these tasks convenient and even joyful to complete. Everyday we aim to design the most user-centric processes and be the most reasonable example for a new way of solving bureaucratic task, like claiming a pension refund in Germany. 

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Your contact person: Jörn Kamphuis

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What our customers say about us

Paige Rollison

Business Coach. See more here

Upon moving to a new country, dealing with German breucaucracy when I don’t know the system nor speak the language seemed daunting and stressful.

I was really happy to find this service and the guys handled the entire process for me. I’ve used this service twice already, and will continue to use it. I highly recommend this service.

Person Man Portrait Ryan Murdock

Writer and Travel Philosopher. See more here

Your service is excellent, quick and easy. And I think the price is well worth it for busy people.

Time not spent sitting around at the Burgeramt is time I can spend

on my work.

Both, me and my wife, are

very satisfied.

Residence Registration (Anmeldung) Service Provider
Based on 28 reviews
Alice K.
Alice K.
10:29 03 Feb 21
I can 100% recommend using Amtio when deregistering from Germany, I am shocked how easy and effortless the process was. Mid-pandemic, not speaking german, I was truly nervous about the process of deregistering but through Amtio I only needed to sit down by my computer for maximum 10 minutes and they then did the rest of the work. For an extra fee they as well handled the process of sending and receiving all document, which was perfect for me who were no longer in Germany.
Yara A.
Yara A.
20:06 18 Jan 21
I recommend this service for anyone who moved abroad like myself and needed help deregistering. Karolin was super responsive to all my questions and requests. I received my deregistration paper on my address. The process took around 2-3 weeks and was absolutely hassle free. Totally recommend.
Maria U.
Maria U.
23:26 27 Nov 20
Incredible, fast and professional service! Was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and understand of my situation. Karolin was extremely helpful and cooperative. Highly recommend this agency!
Kim B
Kim B
10:51 17 Jun 20
Very professional. Knowledgeable, excellent communication, responsive and punctual. We are repeat customers. Reasonable price for highly valuable service. Thank you!